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Something For Every Industry

Looking for an eSignature Solution?

We’re here to help with any need, regardless of department or industry. With word-class solutions, Blueink offers something for every industry and business.
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Deliver services to your constituents more efficiently and with greater convenience. Improve document workflows within or across departments and agencies.


Reduce cost and time, increase productivity, and automate patient workflows with Blueink's Healthcare solutions.


BlueInk makes it easier for parents, students, and teachers to complete enrollment forms, IEPs and other documentation.

Application Forms​

Process applications more quickly and with fewer mistakes with BlueInk. Embed forms on your website, collect attachments, route completed documents and more.

Vendor Management

Track, manage, and complete vendor paperwork efficiently and securely with BlueInk.

Human Resources

Onboard employees with Blueink and save precious time.

Online Lending

Get loans approved and funded faster. Reduce delinquency and decrease turn around time by up to 72 hours.

Staffing & Recruiting

Staffing agencies streamline the recruiting process, gain a competitive edge and save money with BlueInk.

Real Estate

Avoid client misunderstanding and complaints through BlueInk’s comprehensive review features.

Finance & Insurance

Strong identity verification and powerful workflows to protect you and your customers.


BlueInk makes it easier for parents, students, and teachers to complete enrollment forms, IEPs and other documentation.


BlueInk offers eSignatures with unmatched protection without sacrificing convenience, for you and your signers.
Accelerate Service & Delivery

Save Time & Resources

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Real Time Analytics
Using Blueink’s simple to understand dashboard, you can keep track of the status of your documents. Has it been opened? Have they signed? and of course, a notification for when the document is complete.
Increase Productivity

Going digital not only allows you to maximize your staffs efficiency it also reduces wait times, eliminates lost files, and improves your citizens overall experience. Blueink allows you to focus on the business that matters.

Integrate with API

See how Blueink can integrate with your existing services or system. Let’s connect you with a Blueink API specialist and see how Blueink can integrate with your system to improve your process.

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