#1 DocuSign Alternative

BlueInk helps public and private entities track, manage and complete legally binding esignatures for 50% less the cost of DocuSign.

“I haven’t come across an electronic signature platform easier to use than Blueink. They were able to help my company and myself become more efficient for a fraction of the price of their competitors.”

Patrick D.
Financial Representative

Source: Capterra

“Blueink is so user friendly and the customer support is incredible. Everyone in our system has loved how easy it is to use BlueInk and our parents love the convenience and the ability to sign documents from their phone. We also love that you can collect multiple signatures at once.”

Callan W.
Executive Director of Student Services

Source: Capterra

“Exceptional! I have told all of my colleagues about this program and am excited to present on it in the future; as it is a truly perfect fit for Work-Based Learning and Youth Apprenticeship Coordinators in Georgia!”

Jason V.
Director of Work-Based Learning and Youth Apprenticeship

Source: Capterra

“Ease of use, when looking for an alternative e-signature software provider it was very difficult to find something that ticked all the boxes and was cost effective. Following our Zoom call with BlueInk we were very impressed and signed up straightaway. We were particularly impressed with the I.D and selfie authentication.”

Rhianno F.
Lettings Manager

Source: Capterra

“Unbelievable product. Simplified my business operations. Helped us “go green” and move to a paperless format. No messy files and things are completed way quicker this way versus competitors, as well as the paper and pen approach. Simplification is a great word to use. The support for this product is also great. I’ve gotten quick help, anytime I’ve needed. Can’t say enough about this! Also- I really like the certificate of completion. Really cool tool to have available.”

Weston R.
Director of Operations

Source: Capterra

“Ease of setup and use was our primary reason for choosing BlueInk. First class customer service, quick response, and quality problem resolution has been a bonus.”

Ian W.
VP Finance

Source: Capterra

“Cheaper than other document signing software, easy to transition to using from alternative products, and superb customer support. I also really appreciate the free trial!”

Mohammed M.
Senior Policy Analyst

Source: Capterra

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Premium eSignature, Perfect Price

Full of Features, Half The Cost


Adobe Sign


50% less expensive than DocuSign

Send documents for eSignature

Send documents via link

Bulk send

SMS delivery 

Send documents for eSignature

Recipient attachment

Embedded signing

Fillable links

Advanced recipient authentication

User and access control


Audit trail

HIPAA compliance

Custom reports

Custom branding

Archive library

Document Delivery

Deliver documents via email or SMS text and get them completed in under 5 minutes.


Notify signers with reminder emails for documents that haven’t been signed and submitted.

Personalize Subject Line & Message

Whether you want to add a nice note to brighten your signer’s day or you want to provide them with more details on the documents they’re signing, being able to customize the subject line and message makes things a little more personal.

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