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BlueInk Certificate of Evidence with Signer Authentication Examples

Ensure authenticity in every contract you send

BlueInk’s Certificate of Evidence provides tangible proof of consent and knowledge with a list of all identity authentication measures and a detailed audit trail tracking all actions taken within the document from creation to execution.

BlueInk’s Certificate of Evidence captures notary-level identity authentication and a detailed audit trail to protect all parties to an agreement.

Real-time Dashboard

Know where your deals are at in real-time.

No more wondering if a customer received or reviewed a document. With BlueInk, you know where each deal/contract/proposal is at in real time, and you can even tell how far a signer has proceeded in their review of a document.

Audio Guided Review for eSignatures

Audio Guided Review

Create the most efficient, user-friendly signing experience ever.

Be Transparent

Explain contracts, agreements, and documents in any language and ensure your signer knows what they’re signing. Only BlueInk offers an optional Audio Guided Review.

Be Consistent

Know that your explanation is thorough each and every time. Don’t leave remembering important details to chance. Our audio guided review will ensure that each customer receives a perfect explanation, each and every time.

Be Efficient

Automate your explanation process. Free up the time you would use to explain the fine details by handing the job to our Audio Guided Review.

Flexible Document and eSignature Solutions

From HR paperwork, to application forms and contract management, BlueInk has you covered.

Watch BlueInk in Action

BlueInk has notary-level protections, including audio-guided document review that narrates people through highlighted sections of a document. A signer can choose the language of their choice to make the process of signing a document a secure one.

eSignatures Evolved

  • Flexible

    BlueInk works with your existing documents, and fits into your current processes. Whatever your industry, BlueInk can streamline your existing document workflows.
  • Virtually Fraud Proof

    With industry-leading authentication options, BlueInk protects you, your business and your customers from fraud. And our Certificate of Evidence provides virtually irrefutable proof of document review and execution.
  • Compliant

    BlueInk lets you control how your documents are reviewed, and even offers Audio Guided Document Review in multiple languages. Make sure your signers know what they are signing, and solve contract disputes before they start.
  • Notary-Level Protection

    With strong authentication, secure audit trail, a cryptographically-secured Certificate of Evidence and more, you can sleep easy knowing that BlueInk is protecting you and your signers.

Can You Afford Not to Use BlueInk?

Sign up for BlueInk’s seamless, turn key e-signature platform today and make the process of eSigning any document a secure one. Starting at only $10 a month.

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