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BlueInk is proud to be the eSignature partner of the following organizations:

Ensure authenticity in every contract you send

BlueInk’s Certificate of Evidence provides tangible proof of consent and knowledge with a list of all identity authentication measures and a detailed audit trail tracking all actions taken within the document from creation to execution.

Real-time Dashboard

Know where your deals are at in real-time.

No more wondering if a customer received or reviewed a document. With BlueInk, you know where each deal/contract/proposal is at in real time, and you can even tell how far a signer has proceeded in their review of a document.

Digital Document that Talk

Create the most efficient, user-friendly signing experience ever.

Be Transparent

Explain contracts, agreements, and documents in any language and ensure your signer knows what they’re signing. Only BlueInk offers an optional Audio Guided Review.

Be Consistent

Know that your explanation is thorough each and every time. Don’t leave remembering important details to chance. Our audio guided review will ensure that each customer receives a perfect explanation, each and every time.

Be Efficient

Automate your explanation process. Free up the time you would use to explain the fine details by handing the job to our Audio Guided Review.

eSignatures Evolved

  • Certificate of Evidence

    The Certificate of Evidence is a stand-alone, cryptographically secured document containing a detailed audit trail of signing events – from document creation to execution.
  • Audio Guided Review

    BlueInk is the only platform that can guide your signers through a document with an audio narrative – in any languages you desire. Don’t just get your documents signed, help ensure that they are understood.
  • Strong Signer Authentication

    Know you who your signers are with virtually irrefutable proof of identity. For each Signer, BlueInk can capture a selfie, a drivers license picture, SMS pin, and more.
  • Real-Time Dashboard

    Know where each deal/contract/proposal is at in real time. You can even tell how far a signer has proceeded in their review of a document, and send one-off reminders as needed.
  • World-Class Customer Support

    Real humans on our support team are standing by to make sure you and your team are successful with BlueInk.
  • ESIGN Act Compliant

    Documents electronically signed with BlueInk are legally binding in accordance with the ESIGN Act of 2000 and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA).
  • Flexible Workflows

    Send documents to one signer or many. Have your signers sign in order or all at once. Plus you can configure custom email reminders, send in bulk, and much more.
  • Manage Signers

    BlueInk provides CRM-like capabilities to manage your signers / employees / residents, or whoever you send documents to. Capture and re-use additional data for each signer…
  • SmartFill

    Save time when preparing a document with SmartFill. Fill in a value once and it will populate to multiple documents. And powerful merge fields can pull in data from Signers and other sources.
  • SmartLink Forms

    Make it convenient for Signers to fill out an application or other document by posting a form on your website or sharing a reusable link to a form.
  • Bulk Send

    Send documents to dozens or hundreds of Signers at once with Bulk Send. Have the ability to track the progress of all signings on BlueInk’s Real Time Dashboard.
  • Versatile Fields

    Gather data, signatures, attachments and more from signers with a powerful set of fillable fields. Plus, save time filling documents with Smart Fill merge fields.
  • Signer Attachments

    Need a signer to upload a utility bill, proof of insurance, or some other document? BlueInk let’s you capture attachments from your signers, whether they sign on their phone or a desktop.
  • Reusable Document Templates

    Save time by setting up templates for documents you use often. Combine with SmartFill for even more efficiency when filling and sending commonly used documents.
  • Reporting, Notifications & Alerts

    Keep track of your documents with configurable alerts and notifications. Schedule regular reports for business analysis or for import into other systems.
  • Easy Upload

    Drag and drop documents into BlueInk for quick and easy sending.
  • Cloud Based

    Convenient access from anywhere. No software to download. New features added regularly. Quick onboarding for you and your team.
  • Sign on Any Device

    Signers can sign your documents on just about any device – a smart phone, tablet or laptop / desktop. No special software to download.
  • Document Concierge

    Let our support team set up your document templates for you, and advise on best practices to increase efficiency with BlueInk.
  • API

    Integrate BlueInk into your other business systems, or build signatures into your App with BlueInk. Contact us for beta access to version 2 of  the BlueInk API.
  • BlueInk Vault

    Coming Soon……

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