Education Case Study

Jeff Davis County Schools

Industry: Education

Department: Special Education

Location: Hazlehurst, GA

Interviewee: Donna Wilcox, Director of Special Education

“BlueInk has been essential to our success in conducting virtual IEP meetings. The program is user-friendly for teachers and parents. BlueInk has helped us to quickly and efficiently sign documents.”

Donna Wilcox

Director of Special Education

Jeff Davis County’s Special Education Department Saves 30% Using BlueInk With No Limitations

Hours to Complete IEPs with Blueink


Cost Savings Compared to Docusign


Reduction in Human Error

Jeff Davis County Forced to Transition to Virtual IEP Meetings While Maintaining Privacy and Form Completion Rate

In 2020, Donna and the Jeff Davis County schools had to transition into uncharted territory: virtual IEP meetings.

The Special Education departments were concerned about privacy and the reliability of getting crucial documents signed and returned via traditional mail.

But despite all of the questions and concerns that arose during the county’s dilemma, there’s one thing Donna was sure about:

eSignature software was the solution she needed.

The first SaaS she investigated was DocuSign’s Agreement Suite. But the price of this solution was way too high, and the features of the suite didn’t align with the goals of Jeff Davis County’s Special Education departments.

We looked at DocuSign’s product, and we felt like the price was something we couldn’t do long term. We also felt like they weren’t set up for what we needed. BlueInk has given us everything we needed that we weren’t going to get with DocuSign.

Donna Wilcox

I felt like with Steve, it was so easy. With any issues we’ve had, the customer service has been phenomenal. We’ve been very pleased.

Donna Wilcox

A School-Friendly eSignature Suite With First-Rate Customer Support and Sustainable Pricing

Donna discovered BlueInk, and the Special Education Departments within Jeff Davis County schools now enjoy phenomenal customer service and no envelope limitations at a price point within the district’s means.

Guaranteed Form Delivery, Effortless Interface, Thirty-Percent Savings

Parent participation is now through the roof for IEP meetings conducted via Google Meet because parents can sign all required documents even if they’re at work during the meetings.

The BlueInk platform is so intuitive that parents immediately sign and send the documents back. The Special Education department can now send forms with mistakes through BlueInk to be corrected, even if the parents made a mistake in person.

Donna used to send documents home with students when their parents couldn’t attend meetings in person. This process would lead to a five-day turnaround to get the documentation signed and returned to a school in Jeff Davis County. Now, parents’ receipt of the forms is instant and guaranteed. A copy is immediately available for checks and balances upon their completion.

With BlueInk, the parent can no longer say, “I never received that.” There is a hesitance with teachers using this solution. Someone who is not tech-savvy panics when discussing electronic signatures—but once they see how easy BlueInk is, they love it.

Donna Wilcox

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