At BlueInk, our mission is to help our clients embrace greater transparency, security and efficiency in their document review and eSignature processes.

Our Story

Americans routinely give up our rights, entering binding agreements and accepting terms and conditions without giving thought to the greater ramifications. This happens every time we click “I Agree,” “I Accept,” and/or sometimes: “Next.” At times, a party to an agreement doesn’t have the option to review and/or fully understand what they’re signing or more importantly, agreeing to. This can be attributed to many factors including timing, language or simply the need to quickly execute a document.

The need for quick electronic document execution has been established through an industry that has grown from 200 million electronic signatures in 2014 to a projected 700 million in 2017. That establishes the need for the convenience of an electronic signature. But what about the security to all parties in having a shared understanding of documents? And what about protection from fraud? And finally, how does a simple electronic signature confirm review?

Most electronic signatures do little, if anything, in the way of validating the identity of signature or confirming review of binding documents.

Where review of binding documents is required, millions of labor hours are spent in “hand holding” signers. Billions of dollars are spent on attorney’s fees for reviewing documents and/or for disputing execution to one degree or other. In fact, a 2014/2015 survey showed the number one type of pending litigation was the result of contract disputes.

Imagine a world where every binding document could be reviewed comprehensively (in any language), in a cost-effective, convenient, simple-to-launch, and easy-to-use platform – that also provides strong identity authentication. Imagine if every party to an agreement were protected in 360°; imagine the credibility for the originating party and the convenience and security to the accepting party. A technology that could accomplish this and more would truly be a game changer … enough to change the way people do business.

The BlueInk Founders imagined such a solution and made it reality. The Founders created BlueInk because somebody had to. Somebody had to leverage technology to provide an electronic signature that not only makes document execution convenient, but also bulletproof.

They took the platform a step further and added fully customizable, multi-lingual audio-guided review to create: BlueInk360, a real solution with bulletproof protection in 360°.

We believe that all parties to an agreement have the right not just to sign quickly, but to truly understand what they are signing. Our software aspires to enable a more transparent and efficient way of doing business, and this drives our innovation, product development, and business plans.
Faze Sharif and Zach Lovelady – Founders, BlueInk

Leadership Team

Faze Sharif
Chief Executive Officer

Zach Lovelady
Chief Technology Officer

Ivy Kushner
Chief Legal Officer

Seth Kelly
Executive VP of Sales

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