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Is enterprise pricing available?

A: Yes. We designed BlueInk360 to scale with you. Contact our team and will tailor a plan to your needs.

What support is available?

A. Our User Portal includes a robust support and product knowledge section. We have a YouTube channel that can guide you through troubleshooting and Q&A anytime from anywhere. We also have a dedicated live phone support team available daily from 8:00 AM EST through 9:00 PM PST.

How long does it take to get up and running?

A.  We move at your speed.  Our onboarding process is simple.

  1. You provide your existing documents, our team uploads them and helps you “hotspot” them so the guided review is in alignment with your requirements
  2. Our team works with you in creating the guided narration
  3. Once the narration is reviewed and approved, we have it translated to any languages you select for use
  4. Our team walks your team through the simple process of sending documents out for review and scheduling the proper alerts and follow up
  5. Viola! Your sending out documents for review and execution that are bulletproof and your sales team is focusing on closing more business.
If I sign up for BlueInk can I still use BlueInk360?

A. Yes. While the BlueInk electronic signature is incorporated into BlueInk360, if you sign up for a standalone BlueInk plan, you can use the BlueInk360 guided document review system for a per use fee. Contact our team to learn more.

What is the difference between BlueInk360 and BlueInk?

A. BlueInk360 is our patent-pending guided document review and execution system, featuring the BlueInk electronic signature.  BlueInk360 provides a convenient, compliant and consistent guided document review system that allows signers to review documents on their time and at their own pace.  The entire review process is recorded creating an audit trail that ensures a shared understanding of binding documents exists between all parties.  The entire process is memorialized and protected through execution of documents with BlueInk and the BI360 Certificate of Evidence.  BlueInk has an unequaled identity verification / authentication process that solves fraud and makes the entire process simple and bulletproof. BlueInk is available as a standalone product to companies in need of next level identity verification.

What is the refund policy?

A. When you cancel, billing is pro-rated through the date you select. Refunds exclude any costs associated with onboarding.

What is the cancellation policy?

A. You can cancel at any time and your service will be pro-rated to the date you select. If you’re under an enterprise contract, our cancellation policy is exactly the same; you can cancel at any time and billing will be pro-rated.

Can I try it first?

A. Of course. We believe you should have the exact solution you need. Contact our team and we’ll get you up and running with a FREE trial. Use it for 30-days at no cost and when you’re trial ends you can move right into the best plan for you or cancel at no cost.

How do I get started?

A: The process is simple. Send us the documents you are using and our onboarding team will upload them and work with you to “hotspot” items and/or sections that require mandatory review. Our team will work with you as you create the guided narration, that way you guarantee compliance with your policies and procedures. Once the narration is approved and documents are uploaded, you select an audio guide or avatar and language and you’re ready to email contracts securely to your clients.

What types of documents are supported?

A. If you can print it, we can support it.

A Signature in BlueInk360 Leaves No Room for Doubt.

See for yourself. BlueInk360 is secure, irrefutable and easy to use, simple to implement and bulletproof.

BlueInk360. Fraud solved.