Education Case Study

Farmington Public Schools

Industry: Education

Department: Special Education

District Size: 1,250 Employees

Location: Farmington, Michigan

Interviewee: Jason Rosen, Teacher Consultant in SpEd

“BlueInk is one of the best tools our teachers and parents have ever used. I’ve had many school districts across the state ask for recommendations on eSignature solutions and I love to tell them about BlueInk every time.”

Jason Rosen

Teacher Consultant

From Weeks to Hours: How BlueInk Helped Farmington Public Schools Drastically Reduce IEP Time

Hours to Complete IEPs with Blueink


Cost Savings Compared to Docusign, adobe and hellosign

Hours It took to get up and running

The Challenge: Remote Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic ends in-person IEP meetings. Special Education teachers and the students and parents they serve need a remote solution to sign essential documents and drastically reduce IEP documentation time from the typical 2-3 week window.

On March 16th, 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic put an unprecedented, never-before-seen halt to school district activities in Farmington, forcing schools to convert to remote learning.

CDC protocols dictated that there’d be no more in-person schooling until April 16th, 2020. Oakland County School District held an emergency instruction meeting to explore remote solutions for student meeting.

In that meeting, the special education department was told that they’d have to discover a new way to approve IEPs with parents.

Jason brought up the idea to explore an electronic signature software that would allow teachers to send parents Special Education forms electronically. He started to explore eSignature alternatives like DocuSign, HelloSign, and Adobe Sign.

I received quotes from three eSignature providers. They were all outrageous, not sustainable, and did not fit within our budget. We wanted something that we would be able to use long term, not just for a month or two.

Jason Rosen

Steve was very patient, listened, and gave us time to make a decision. He provided us with training that showed us how we would use BlueInk as well as a free trial so we could use the platform first hand prior to purchasing.

Once we paid the invoice, we gave him a list of names of the teachers we needed an account for, and within 36 hours, we were up and running.

Jason Rosen

Value and Support: The BlueInk eSignature Solution

The special education department continued their search and eventually found BlueInk. They scheduled a time to talk with Steve, the BlueInk Education Specialist, who provided them with a demo of the platform and a shockingly superior quote that was 52% less than DocuSign, HelloSign and Adobe Sign.

The BlueInk team provided the Farmington Public School District with such a convenient onboarding experience and affordable subscription that the team ultimately signed a two-year contract. 

And that personalized experience didn’t stop once the contract was signed. BlueInk ensured Farmington Special Ed teachers, students and parents would continue being served right away, regardless of COVID-19 restrictions.

The Results

Since transitioning to BlueInk, in-person coordination is no longer a deciding factor in whether Special Education departments in Farmington will meet deadlines on time-sensitive documents requiring signatures.

Before BlueInk (Days)

With BlueInk (Hours)

(Average time it took teachers and parents to complete IEP documents)

We’ve learned a ton during the pandemic. Eliminating in-person meetings that take an hour or more and require many signed documents has been tremendous. Parents no longer have to take off of work and come into school—they now have the opportunity to complete the meeting on a computer at work and sign the documents electronically in seconds. This has been extremely beneficial.

Jason Rosen

Teacher Consultant, Farmington Public Schools

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