Education Case Study

Bushland ISD

Industry: Education

Department: Technology

Location: Bushland, Texas

Interviewee: Ivan Lopez, Director of Technology

Hours to Complete IEPs with Blueink


Cost Savings Compared to Docusign


Average Document Return Rate with BlueInk

New Student Onboarding: Too Messy, Too Lengthy

Paperwork takes too long. Bushland School District knew they needed eSignatures to modernize and optimize their technology department workflow.

The district couldn’t provide their new students with computers or accounts unless they signed the Acceptable Use Policy and HR documents for the IT department.

Their old agreement process had a one-week turnaround, partially because parents would skip over required fields in each document. The technology department would have to follow up with them to get things filled out correctly.

Before adopting an electronic signature, we would hand out physical paperwork when we got new students. We would typically use a google sheet with a checkmark next to everything that got signed when parents turned forms in. We’d then file the physical documents and alphabetically sort them through folders. It was a messy waste of our time and resources.”

Ivan Lopez

The process was challenging to understand with competitors. BlueInk provided the best explanation and price. By the way, the quotes that we received from your competitors were offensively expensive.”

Ivan Lopez

BlueInk: Guaranteed Speed · Auto-Everything

Bushland School District scheduled an evaluation meeting with BlueInk after being quoted sky-high by competitors.

The district’s technology department noticed that the BlueInk Experience Team had a more straightforward explanation for their product than competitors such as DocuSign and Adobe. And when they received a special rate to get started, they knew that BlueInk understood and could work within the limitations of school district budgets.

Stronger Proof of Consent · Digital Copies, Always

The chaos is over.

Bushland no longer uses Google Sheets to keep track of who signs what manually. They no longer spend hours stuffing physical documents into file drawers after hours of alphabetical sorting.

Parents eSign right away.

There’s now zero resistance from parents: it’s easy to eSign when you can do it on a phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop, no app required.

We’re on auto-pilot.

Teachers no longer hand out physical paperwork—with features like Bulk Send and SmartFill, all of the data entry and delivery logistics wasting Bushland hours on end are now fully automated.

On the backend, it’s amazing to have a digital copy of the document we can pull if needed. The certificate of evidence feature provides a location and ID code verification for all signers. A-plus proof. BlueInk has the best price and product training for educators anywhere. Now, we do everything within one simple platform.”

Ivan Lopez

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