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Wylie ISD


  • Industry: Education
  • Department: Student Services
  • Location: Abilene, Texas
  • Interviewee: Shauni Vaughn, Director of Student Service
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Wylie Seeks Modern, Frictionless Method of Obtaining Parent Consent Via Virtual ARD Meetings

Wylie ISD was using another platform, a school administration SaaS, for electronic agreement tasks. But there were too many steps involved in acquiring eSignatures through that platform.

In response, Wylie’s dedicated educational service center (ESC) provided subscriptions to a video conferencing platform at a discounted rate so that parents could sign documents digitally via video conferences. This solution was ultimately unsuccessful, and the student service department investigated DocuSign as their next potential resolution.

“BlueInk has provided us the opportunity to share documents with parents in a safe and secure way. It has also made our requirements of acquiring parental consent easier by providing a convenient way to reach parents through email and/or cell phones.”
Shauni Vaughn
Director of Student Services

BlueInk’s Workflows Offer Parents and Teachers the Most Convenient and Efficient eSignature Experience

The DocuSign pricing model was way too expensive for Wylie.

Still exploring, Shauni received an email from her superintendent recommending BlueInk as a platform boasting all of the robust, dependable features that DocuSign offers at a fraction of the cost.

Shauni scheduled a demo and discovered that BlueInk’s eSignature suite is the easiest and fastest way to get parent signatures.

Save Time, Money, and Paper

Wylie Independent School District now saves a staggering amount of time when acquiring signatures for a wide array of consent forms. They even use the platform for attendance sheets.

Wylie ISD Student Services department go-to feature with BlueInk is the text message feature, which allows her department to instantly and effortlessly obtain consent on psych records, doctor requests, and beyond.

Wylie Independent
School District