Student Housing

End Student Turn Chaos – Execute leases faster and improve your turn season operations with BlueInk’s unique capabilities.

Save Time with Bulk Send

Whether you are sending 10 leases or 1,000, Bulk Send will allow you to distribute a lease to all of your tenants with the click of a button.

Track Leases in Real Time

With the BlueInk Real-time Dashboard there is no need to wonder if a tenant received or reviewed a document. See if a lease has been opened, signed or where in the review process the signatory is.

Strong Identity Verification for Tenants and Guarantors

Don’t risk a challenge to the validity of a guarantee. The bare minimum used by most eSignature companies can leave you exposed. BlueInk provides advanced identity verification processes to provide the corroboration essential to the authentication of the identity of the guarantor.


Documents That Talk


Whether your tenant’s native language is English or a foreign language, you can provide your tenants an oral explanation of the lease terms in any language they choose. Eliminate the challenge that the Tenant didn’t understand what he/she was signing.



eSign With Peace of Mind

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