BlueInk’s patented eSignature technology is changing the real estate game.

Whether commercial or residential, our platform offers the most convenient and secure way to review, sign, and store real estate documents. Partner with BlueInk to move your business to the next level.

Our cutting edge software offers:

  • Convenience

    Signers and co-signers can access documents online from anywhere in the world, on any device, and without downloading additional apps.
  • User Friendly Interface

    Drag and drop documents into your pre-configured templates and they’re ready for signing.
  • Real-time Tracking

    Know the status of your contracts from moment to moment. Instantly view and manage your documents from your desktop or mobile device throughout the contract cycle.
  • Paperless Solutions

    Go green! Our innovative Dashboard puts all your important paperwork at your fingertips with no more hard copies to print or store.
  • Scalability and Consistency

    Create reusable templates for all your leases, mortgages, agreements, and other real estate documents.

How It Works

  • Drag and Drop

    With the click of a button take any Document, Contract or Form and simply drag-and-drop it into BlueInk. Our system will automatically match the document to a pre-configured template, and all signature fields and input fields will be applied correctly.
  • Choose Your Level of Protection

    Most eSignatures do the bare minimum to validate the identity of a signer. But BlueInk provides strong identity verification to give you virtually irrefutable proof of signer identity.
  • Multilingual Guided Review

    With BlueInk’s optional Audio Guided Document Review, your signers are guided through a document section-by-section, with a helpful audio narrative accompanying each section, in any language.
  • Real Time Updates

    No more wondering if a customer received or reviewed a document. With BlueInk, you know where each deal/contract/proposal is at in real time, and you can even tell how far a signer has proceeded in their review of a document.
  • Certificate of Evidence: Virtually Irrefutable Proof

    Gone are the days where there’s nothing to show after a document signing. With BlueInk’s Certificate of Evidence, there’s tangible proof of consent and knowledge between signee and signer. It contains a list of all identity authentication measures, as well…

Can You Afford Not to Use BlueInk?

Sign up for BlueInk’s seamless, turn key e-signature platform today and make the process of eSigning any document a secure one. Starting at only $10 a month.

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