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Blueink SmartLink

Build Efficient Workflows with SmartLink

Embed clickable and fillable forms on your website for easy access and completion by signers.

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An Easy Secure eSignature Process

How it Works

Select your document and your signers
Deliver via email or SMS text
Sign your document online or right on your phone

Trusted by thousands of customers and companies all over the world

Features that work

Make Processing Faster & Easier

Embedded Forms

We make connecting your customers to your business easy with our Smartlink Forms. Now, your Signers can start the process by clicking the link right in the notification. Custom-tailored forms to supercharge and streamline your applications, customer request forms, and more.

State-of-the-art Encryption

With our SmartLink Forms feature, every signer must provide identity verification before beginning the contract process. In addition, with state-of-the-art encryption using the most advanced technology and security measures, you and your signers can finally have trust your data is secure at all times..

Data Made Easy

Populate metadata on your signer records and reuse that data in SmartFill documents. Receive notifications via email when a SmartLink document is submitted, so your team can follow up.

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How SMS can
streamline your process

Ultra Secure Selfie,
PIN, & ID Verification

We make it easy and secure to verify the identity of every signer with our ultra-secure authentication capability. BlueInk can capture a selfie, driver’s license picture, SMS pin, and more for every Signer in seconds, so you know they are who they say they are.
Ensure your signer is who
they say they are with ID verification.
Secure your mobile signing process with
a encrypted pin sent directly to the signer.
The most secure way to verify your signers
identity. Know with a certainty who signed.
Utilizing Bulk Send and Attachments , Daily Dove Care was able to send out important updates to 800+ patients all at once and reported a response rate of 80% within the first hour.

Bulk Send + Attachments
with Business Pro & Enterprise

Want additional attachments from your signer? Checkout our Blueink Business Pro plans for more features. Trying to reach hundreds or thousands of signers at once? Signup for a demo for our enteprise plans and unlock all of our enterprise features including smart links.

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