eSignatures have been around for a little while now, helping offices go green, education systems streamline their processes, business leaders get contracts signed and delivered in the blink of an eye, and overall, making our lives a little easier.  As this year has progressed, it’s safe to say that utilizing eSignatures has made the social distancing mandates and self-isolation bearable; preventing business processes from being interrupted. 

With all of these benefits, one would think that the eSignature space would be cutting edge, updated for the world that we live in today but this simply isn’t accurate. The truth is that the leaders in the space are overpriced and don’t provide very many benefits for the price that customers are paying. 

The area has been begging for a newer approach to eSignatures, that’s where BlueInk comes in. To give educators, business owners, and consumers exactly what they want: a solution built for the 21st century.

Making it easier

Because of the pandemic, keeping track of your forms can be a complicated process, especially when you are managing more and more of them remotely. It can be difficult to categorize and bundle them according to your own unique organization process. How much easier would it be if it were possible to keep all of your forms in one place and have them organized by status?

We’ve all had enough of the complicated run-around that has been 2020. For example, a teacher who is managing a class of 20 virtual students and ten in-person pupils doesn’t need to unnecessarily juggle all of the forms that need parent signatures for all 30 kids without the tabs that alert him as to whether a form has been sent, signed, seen, etc. It doesn’t have to be this way.

No matter how you decide to utilize BlueInk, all of your documents can be bundled in an easily trackable dashboard. Through the dashboard, you can see when a document has been seen, and which ones still need signatures.

Giving you peace of mind

How do you know who is signing the document that you sent out for an eSignature, and how do you ensure that the signature is irrefutable and can’t leave you open to compliance violations or future legal proceedings? 

Sending any important and private documents for eSignature has always felt risky in the past. BlueInk was built with these issues in mind; we offer three different ways that signers can be verified:

  • Selfie Capture
  • Driver’s license upload
  • SMS Pin

This gives our solution an extra security blanket because, during these tough times, sometimes in-person signatures for important documents are not possible; maybe the signor is an at-risk individual or lives with someone who is. We created a way to help business owners add that extra layer of security to contract signatures and classified school forms.

On the go? No problem

An eSignature platform for the 21st century means having a solution in place that allows people to sign documents securely, no matter what device they are using. With SMS delivery, documents get signed 5x faster than before. Signors have a chance to meet signature deadlines, and you can have some peace of mind. 

BlueInk allows users to safely send documents for signature via SMS delivery, allowing you to manage and sign your documents from anywhere.

Signatures shouldn’t be expensive

At almost half the price of the most popular eSignature platform, BlueInk does so much more than send and receive documents for signature, we are like an extension of your current organizational CRM or business process. For a low price, customers will have access to features that would be considered “premium” with other solutions, charging people who are already struggling to keep up, for tools that should be included in a subscription. 

21st century eSignatures means taking the things that didn’t work for platforms in the past and improving them or revolutionizing them completely. Modern eSignatures should make the user’s life easier, give them peace of mind, and shouldn’t break the bank.

If you’re ready to make the change, or are curious about the eSignature platform built for modern businesses, then contact us! We’d love to chat.