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RSU 57


  • Industry: Education
  • Department: Special Education
  • Location: Waterboro, ME
  • Interviewee: Nora Lantagne, Assistant Director of Special Education
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Secure. Inexpensive. Easy-To-Use. Paperless eSignature Portals From BlueInk.

While in limbo, Nora continued exploring solutions and received some marketing emails from BlueInk. She set up a meeting with Steve, BlueInk’s specialist.

Two minutes later, Nora received a quote and made the transition.

She received personalized, one-on-one training on the platform that was recorded for her staff to review when most convenient. This patient, attentive onboarding opened her eyes to how simple and easy it would be to add the BlueInk Suite to her team’s daily workflow. Right away.

“BlueInk has streamlined our process for collecting signatures needed for special education compliance, especially during the COVID 19 pandemic. Fewer forms are lost in backpacks and our postage costs have decreased significantly. COVID challenged us to examine and change some of our processes, and this is one of the bright spots that will become part of our new normal.”
Nora Lantagne
Assistant Director of Special Education

RSU 57 Special Education Department Experiences an Unexpected Delay: For One Week, No In-Person IEP meetings

Two crucial forms needed to be delivered remotely:

Parent Permission to Email IEP information – without this document, teachers can’t communicate with parents remotely.

Advanced Written Notice – a required document that teachers must send to the parent before the IEP meeting with information about where the meeting will occur and what the parties will discuss.

This difficulty left the team with two options: they could either spend a ton of money on postage cost or discover an electronic signature solution. The Special Education department needed a platform that could send documents instantly and hassle-free. At a fair price point within the department’s budget.

Nora first looked at DocuSign’s Agreement Suite. However, she was quoted $4,000.00 for 10 users—Not a sustainable price point for the school.

RSU 57 Saves Time & Money

With BlueInk, Nora’s Special Education department now gets most of their forms signed within 24 hours and instantly if needed.

What a night-and-day difference from the five-day turnaround on parent signatures the school experienced when sending forms through traditional mail.

Teachers no longer give students crucial documents to bring home. These documents often stayed in backpacks for weeks.

They no longer make follow-up phone calls to remind parents to return the form. These outdated methods saw only a 50% document return rate. Plus, the teachers had to wait days for the cycle to end.

RSU 57 is maximizing the flexible features of BlueInk to collect signatures from anywhere. Sent in seconds. No paper necessary.

BlueInk offers procurement-friendly pricing:
Starting at $5,000