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Revolutionize Deal Closing with Blueink: Save Time, Money, and the Environment

By BlueInk | 1-13-2023 | Environment

In the modern, fast-paced business landscape, being able to close deals rapidly and effectively is paramount to success. A crucial component in expediting deal closure is the ability to sign documents electronically. Blueink, a prominent e-signature solution provider, enables businesses to accelerate the document signing process and thus, close deals faster. In this article, we’ll delve into the advantages of using Blueink for swift and efficient deal closures.

Streamlined Workflow

The primary advantage of employing Blueink for hastening deal closures is the seamless workflow it offers. Blueink enables businesses to create, send, and sign documents online, thereby eliminating the need for printing, mailing, and scanning. This not only conserves time but also minimizes errors, ensuring that all parties are in sync.

Accelerated Turnaround Time

Conventional document signing entails printing, signing, scanning, and emailing or mailing the document back, which can consume days or even weeks. With Blueink, signing documents takes mere minutes, dramatically reducing the turnaround time for closing deals. This is particularly crucial for businesses operating in competitive markets where speed can be the deciding factor.

Greater Flexibility

Blueink’s e-signature solution affords increased flexibility for deal closures. Documents can be signed from any location, at any time, and on any device. This convenience facilitates working with clients in different time zones or who are on the move, and allows businesses to close deals swiftly, even when in-person meetings are not feasible.

Robust Security

Businesses might be concerned about the security of e-signature processes. However, Blueink’s e-signature platform ensures a secure environment for document signing. Documents are encrypted to protect sensitive information, and Blueink provides an audit trail detailing who signed the document and when, offering an additional layer of security.

Substantial Cost Savings

Blueink’s competitive pricing is another compelling reason to choose it for closing deals faster. At half the cost of Adobe Sign, DocuSign, and Dropbox Sign, Blueink is an affordable option, allowing for global paperless adoption. As a specialist in aiding governments to transition to paperless systems, Blueink helps businesses significantly reduce costs associated with printing, mailing, and scanning documents, boosting their bottom line.

Maximizing Your Blueink Experience

Here are some tips to optimize your Blueink experience and expedite deal closures:

  • Customize Your Templates: Blueink offers customizable templates for documents like contracts, agreements, and proposals. Personalize these templates with your branding and logos to maintain a professional and consistent appearance.
  • Integrate with Other Systems: Blueink can be integrated with other systems, such as document management and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Integration streamlines document workflows and minimizes repetitive tasks.
  • Train Your Staff: Ensure your staff is well-versed in using Blueink effectively, which helps guarantee correct document signing and optimal utilization of Blueink’s features.
  • Communicate with Your Clients: Keep your clients informed about the Blueink process, including providing instructions on document signing and addressing any queries they may have.


In summary, Blueink’s e-signature solution equips businesses with the necessary tools for efficient and swift deal closures. Streamlining the document signing process enables businesses to save time, resources, and enhance security. By customizing templates, integrating with other systems, training staff, and maintaining open communication with clients, businesses can optimize their Blueink experience and close deals in a timely manner. To learn more about how Blueink can benefit your business, get in touch with us today.