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Real Estate

Avoid client misunderstandings and complaints through BlueInk’s comprehensive document review features.

Ensure Understanding With
Documents That Talk

Whether your client’s native language is English or a foreign language, BlueInk’s Multilingual Audio Guided Review can presents in layman’s terms a purchase agreement or any other document used in the transaction.

Protect All Parties
to an Agreement

BlueInk captures strong proof of each signers identity and records all interactions with your documents. This audit trail is memorialized in the Certificate of Evidence for each signing transaction.

Eliminate falsified documents and provide strong security protection in every transaction.

Track Deals in
Real Time

View and manage all of your pending deals and other documents from your Real-time Dashboard. Know the status of each deal and see how far a signer has proceeded through a document.

Simplify Workflows
with Templates

Create your own custom library of frequently used documents. Send these documents in just a few clicks – from leases, custom addenda to thank you letters. Standardize paperwork in your office for consistency and compliance.