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Online Lending

Get your loans approved and funded faster. Reduce delinquency and decrease turn around time by up to 72 hours.

Optimize your online applications with BlueInk.

We equip your business with the tools and technology to optimize how you process online applications so you can do it faster and with fewer mistakes. For example, easily embed forms on your website with a few simple clicks, capture data securely, and more.

Embedded Forms

We make connecting your customers to your business easy with our Smartlink Forms. Now, your Signers can start the process by clicking the link right in the notification. Custom-tailored forms to supercharge and streamline your applications, customer request forms, and more.

Leading Edge Attachments

Need a Signer to upload documents when they return the contract? They can do it all through our innovative, easy-to-navigate attachments feature. Whether they submit on their phone or computer, Signers can upload and attach all the necessary documents from one place. Saving both you and their time and money.

We make collecting the supporting documents you need to close every deal easy.

Track & Manage in Real-Time

Track all your applications in real-time with BlueInk’s intelligently designed dashboard.

Audio-Guided Review

With BlueInk’s audio-guided review, applicants can have documents read in their native language so you can get paperwork filled out with more precision and accuracy while providing the highest quality customer service.

Superior authentication and verification custom-tailored for every deal.

BlueInk’s state-of-the-art two-factor authentication technology ensures that every signer is who they say they are. Custom-tailor the authentication and verification measure you want for every contract and signer. All verification is captured in our cryptographically secured audit trail of the signing process.