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New BlueInk Features and Upgrades for September / October 2021

by  | Oct 18, 2021 | What’s New

New Features

Configurable Reminder Emails

Users can set a schedule for reminder emails to be sent to Signers. The reminder schedule includes when the first reminder is sent, regular reminders after the first, and a “warning” reminder before Bundle expiration. Defaults can be set for an account, or configured for a Bundle Template (aka SmartLink form).

Cancellation Notices

Users can configure a Bundle to send a cancellation notice email in the event the Bundle is canceled.

CC Bundle Sender

Users have the option to send a copy of completed documents to themselves.

Bundle Expiration

Users can set a Bundle expiration date prior to sending a Bundle.

Bundle Review

The final screen before you send a Bundle has been reworked to convey more information and to allow for easy editing of Bundle options.

Signer Link Expiration

Signers can now elect to send themselves a new signing link if the link they clicked was expired (provided the Bundle is not expired and has not been canceled).

Product Upgrades

Last login on User List

The user list screen now shows when a user last logged in.

User invitation fixes

Issues with new user invitations that were affecting some accounts have been fixed.

Duplicate Emails

Issues, where duplicate document download emails were sent in some unusual cases, have been fixed.

Custom message during Signing

If a user sets a custom message for signers, that message is now visible during the signing process.