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New BlueInk Features and Upgrades for May 2021

by  | Jun 1, 2021 | What’s New

New Features

Generate PDFs for In-Progress Bundle

Generating PDFs for an in-progress bundle allows you to download the documents prior to a Bundle being complete. This much-requested feature allows you to save a copy of in-progress documents, e.g. if a signer has abandoned a transaction.

Remove Signers from In-Progress Bundle

If a Signer no longer is required to sign, you can remove them from the Bundle. If they were the last signer, the Bundle will become complete, and you can download the final documents.

CC Recipients

You can now add additional email addresses to a Bundle that will be notified when a signing is complete. CC recipients will be able to download a copy of the final documents as well.

Personalized Subject Line and Email Message

You can now customize the email subject and message that is sent to Signers. This feature is present on the “review” screen, prior to sending a Bundle.

SSO for Enterprise Customers – with support for SAML, ADFS and most other common SSO solutions

Enterprise customers now have the ability for their users to sign in via SSO. All common SSO solutions are supported. SSO allows organizations to “bring their own” identity and authentication to manage access to BlueInk, saving enterprise admins time and allowing centralized access control for your organization.

Product Upgrades

More User and Account Settings

  • Admins can set a default timezone for “Signing Date” fields.
  • Users can now set their default timezone and date format for all dates displayed in the Dashboard.
  • Admins can configure signed documents to show the Bundle ID.