In a famous New Yorker cartoon, one dog sitting at a computer declares “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”  The cartoon’s impact has grown and is now seen as prophetic. As a business, not being sure who you’re dealing with can break your company.

Lax electronic signature companies have created a dangerous landscape of very insecure digital signature products that can leave you exposed to fraud and lawsuits. The question for most companies is how do you decide on the level of eSignature authentication you need?

At BlueInk we believe that the greater your financial risk exposure, the higher the level of authentication you need. If you are selling a house, handling investments, buying a car, etc. you’d expect that the level of authentication would be higher than signing an event planning contract.  Unfortunately many companies fear one thing more than losing money…

Many companies fear that if you want to make your eSignatures secure, you have to create draconian obstacles that will send customers fleeing. You need an eSignature process that is as easy as taking a selfie.

With BlueInk we designed a Certificate of Evidence and an eSignature system that allows you to effortlessly confirm with whom you are doing business. Our authentication methods, documented in the Certificate of Authentication, include

  • Photographic evidence of signee
  • IP stamp to confirm identity
  • Geographic location stamp
  • Government ID (scanned into the record of our Certificate of Evidence. )

If you need additional levels of security (such as third party confirmation via social media or credit bureau searches) this is something we can add based on your needs.

Having the highest level of signer authentication is why BlueInk’s secure, cloud-based approach is best. If you want a more secure agreement process, contact BlueInk today.