Better Service & Fraud Protection: BlueInk360

Make protecting your customers from fraud your priority. Using BlueInk for electronic signatures and identity verification adds a level of credibility to your business, protecting you and your customers.

With BlueInk your customers (and partners) can sign documents anywhere, any time with an unmatched level of protection and fraud prevention.

Better for your customers. Better for your business.

Unequaled Identity Verification

The BlueInk Certificate of Evidence (CoE) uses multiple levels of authentication to validate identity: SMS Pin, Real-time Selfie Image, Photo ID, ID Information Match, IP verification and GEO Location.

Using BlueInk eSignature and identity verification leaves no room for doubt ... or fraud.

Convenient. Secure. Notary-level Identity Verification.

eCommerce can be scary.  Whether you’re an individual getting rid of some furniture or an online retailer, BlueInk will make you stand apart from your competition with next level protection from fraud.

Imagine if there was a way to eliminate fraud in your online sales.  Imagine if you could guarantee your customers read and understood your Return, Refund, Warranties and all the terms and conditions of a sale.  Imagine if it was bulletproof.

There is and you can.  With BlueInk and BlueInk360 you can protect yourself and your customers.

Whether you need audio-guided document review + eSignature (BlueInk360) or simply an eSignature (BlueInk), our products include  notary-level identity verification and a bulletproof Certificate of Evidence that leaves no doubt that all parties understand documents and are who they say the are.

BlueInk360 and BlueInk are simple to launch and easy to use, integrating seamlessly into your existing workflows and working with your existing documents.  It’s as simple as click-and-drag … whether you send 10 contracts or 10,000 contracts every month, BlueInk has the best solution for you.

See for yourself.


Signing with BlueInk creates legally binding eSignatures. The secure signing record is cryptographically protected and tamper-proof.
  • 128 bit encryption
  • Cryptographically secured signing record, including video
  • Secure storage in the cloud
  • Multiple redundant backups to keep your data safe

Integrates with your Software Work Flow

Using BlueInk is as easy as printing a document. And with support for a wide range of tablets and devices, BlueInk can work with just about any workflow in most industries.


BlueInk runs in the cloud, so your employees need only a web browser in order to use the system. Signed contracts are retained securely in the cloud according to your retention policies. Access, search and download your data anywhere you have an internet connection.

Easy to Implement

If you can print your contracts, you can integrate with BlueInk360.
  • Send us your contracts.
  • Tell us what languages you require.
  • Select standard ready-to-use narrations or create custom narrations for your audio guide (or Avatar).
  • Email documents for review; schedule reminders when needed.
  • Access your executed documents anytime from our eVault.
  • Eliminate contract disputes.

Easy to Use

Once your documents are uploaded and your narrations are ready, all you team has to do is fill in basic information and click send. Your customers can review and execute at your location or from their home. The BlueInk360 audio-guided narration will make sure they don’t miss a thing. The BlueInk eSignature and identity verification will ensure that everything is properly executed and bulletproof.