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Human Resources

Onboard employees with BlueInk and save hours per employee. Ensure accurate completion of employment forms, collect all required supporting documentation, present handbooks and more with audio-guided review.

Audio-Guided Review

Whether it’s hiring forms, employee manuals or tax forms, with BlueInk’s audio-guided review you can ensure that your documents are presented consistently every time, in a manner that is 100% compliant with your company policies and procedures.

Perfect for employee handbooks, or for providing guidance on mistake-prone forms. Automate onboarding, and free up time for your HR staff.

Reusable Templates

Create a document library with your most commonly used documents and forms, and then send them in seconds.

Save time with standard government forms (w4, w9, etc) that are pre-configured and ready for you use right away.

Cloud Based

Gone are the days of scanning and paper files. BlueInk securely stores
documents in the cloud, conveniently organized by employee.

SmartLink Forms

Provide convenient access for your employees to access any form they may need to complete. From new hire onboarding to benefit management and updated tax forms, your employees can securely complete any document without assistance from the HR team.