As the rate of remote work increases, is your company or organization looking for a better way to create internal and external solutions for your paper documents and signature needs? The demand for remote work has increased by nearly 50% in just the last 5 years, and 85% of organizations say that productivity has increased as a result. 

The reality is that every day we’re getting closer to a paperless office due to the wonderful world of technology. As times change, the old way of handling your documents and contracts isn’t as efficient. There’s not only a new and better way of doing things, but it’s exhausting every time another form, contract or agreement comes along and requires a signature. There’s the hassle of printing, signing, and scanning, that’s if you have only one signature required! The process only gets more arduous with multiple signers and both in-office and remote workers.

Remote work is rapidly increasing due to technology, convenience, and more recently, the novel coronavirus. As a result, companies and organizations need to adapt. Creating a more efficient process for your signing workflow does more than just save you time and money. It enables you to be flexible and productive regardless of who is in or out of the office. Here’s how BlueInk can help. 

Economical and Environmental Benefits of Working Remotely


Research shows that companies with remote workers save roughly $2,000 in rent and supplies per worker for each year that they aren’t in the office. So, the paper and printing materials do add up! With an eSignature and Document Workflow solution like BlueInk, you’re also saving time and effort in processing document and reducing costs from human errors. 


When you move to a digital document workflow, you can cut the turnaround time on complex paper signing processes from days or weeks to hours or sometimes even minutes. Instead of emailing documents to several people, waiting for them to print them out, sign them, scan them, and send them to the next person, documents automatically are routed from signer to signer, with automated reminders keeping the process moving. Plus signers can sign on any device, meaning they don’t have to be at their desk to review and sign a document.

Streamlined Storage of Documents

Have you ever wondered what you did before cloud or file storage systems like Google Drive? You use these everyday in the workplace, and yet there are still times you opt for the filing cabinet for documents and contracts. Why? Switching to a digital storage solution for contracts and other signed documents often makes sense from an organizational perspective, and can streamline document search and retrieval and reduce office clutter.

Reduce Paper Waste

Climate change is upon us, and everyone (yes, everyone!) can help reduce waste. Even if it just means printing less and recycling more, that’s helpful. Trees play an integral role in our environment and store massive amounts of C02, so being mindful of paper waste is essential. You may not realize how much paper the world uses. To get an idea, visit The World Counts and see the tons of paper produced just this year. If that doesn’t make you want to go digital, nothing will!

BlueInk’s Solution for Remote Work

Make your digital document workflow flawless when working remotely or from home with these BlueInk features.

  • Signing Order
    • Multiple Signers 
      • Add one or multiple signers to a document for signing 
    • Order of Signers 
      • If a document needs to be signed in a specific order, you can set the document to be sent from one signer to the next after each signer has completed their required fields. 
  • Reusable Templates
    • Vendor forms, contract agreements, W9s, NDA’s, non-competes, etc. Used for any document that may need to get sent out time and time again for signing. Instead of having to upload the document every time, it is stored within the template library to be used whenever necessary. 
  • Attachments
    • Any additional attachments that are required in the document can be uploaded and sent in with the submission of the document
  • Signer Identity Authentication (Options)
    • SMS Pin
      • Have a pin number sent to the desired signers phone that they have to put in before having access to the document
    • Drivers License 
      • Have the signer upload a picture of their driver’s license before submitting their portion
    • Selfie 
      • Have the signer upload a selfie for personal identification before submitting the document

Make the Transition to a Smart Document Workflow

How will my internal and external remote workers adapt? Will it cost too much? How does it all work? If you have these questions, you aren’t alone! The adoption of a digital document solution isn’t difficult, and we make the process very easy, user-friendly, and affordable.

Here is a simple way to transition from an in-house to a remote work workflow:

  1. Evaluate current documents and workflow processes.
  2. Create a free BlueInk account here.
  3. Invite the users you would like to have access to the account.
  4. Upload PDFs that you would like to get signed.
  5. Add signers and field placement for each signer.
  6. Send documents out for signing.


Yes, it’s really that easy. While changing any workplace system may feel overwhelming initially, BlueInk eases workflow processes while increasing productivity and efficiency. Remote work is on the rise so get on the cutting edge. Learn more at or contact us here.