It’s no secret that 2020 has been hard for educators all over the world. With remote learning, new sanitizing measures for in-person learning, managing frustrated parents, the list goes on. One step that educators can take to make their lives a little easier in these trying times is to consider going paperless.

We know it may sound easier said than done, as digital transformation sometimes is, but we have a simpler way for school districts to move to a hygienic and paperless process. Keep reading for our easy three-step guide to going paperless for educators.

1. Find the right solution for you

Not all paperless eSignature platforms are made equal. Despite the fact that there are some well-known platforms on the market that have been around for a long time, make sure to do your research thoroughly. For example, those popular platforms often charge extra for things like more users, unlimited signatures and even support.

For a school district, this can be problematic because users need to be added as the staff is hired for the school year, or maybe departments simply want to add extra users as the needs increase. Instead, find a platform that doesn’t overcharge educators for every additional feature and user. Look for something that gives you flexible package options and won’t overcharge you.

Remember: Just because a platform has been around for a long time and charges more for their package, does not mean that they are the right option for you.

2. Drag and Drop to Upload Documents

When going paperless, it’s important to have an option for easy uploads. Because educators and school districts as a whole manage so many documents, it’s crucial that when going paperless, there’s an easy way to upload and organize files in a way that is easily accessible to staff.

A drag and drop feature is essential to any paperless platform, especially for educators because with so many forms that need to be sent for signature, and signed documents received, school districts need a way to put them into a system without heavy load times and lag.

3. Sign, Track, and Manage

Once your files have been uploaded to the platform, easily organize them with tagged bundles that can be separated by filters after the documents have been completed. Find them just as easily with advanced search options. With an eSignature platform that’s made for 21st-century users, educators and administrators can say goodbye to shuffling through endless stacks of paperwork.

Even better than this is the simple fact that the right paperless platform can have your documents ready to send with the click of a button. Instead of having parents come to sign documents in person, your paperless platform should provide a secure way to send your documents for signature via email or SMS.

Go Paperless For Peace of Mind

Educators have had enough going on right now with the uncertainty that 2020 has created for so many. Getting signatures on important documents shouldn’t have to be one of those problems. BlueInk makes it easy for school districts and educators to cut administrative tasks in half, in a safe and secure way.

Never overpay for eSignatures and a paperless platform ever again. Contact us for an evaluation meeting today!