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Finance and Insurance

Strong identity verification to protect your institution and your customers, plus powerful workflow features to improve your processes.

Strong Identity

Track all your agreements from start to finish in real time with BlueInk’s intelligently designed dashboard. Send alerts and custom reminders to ensure your agreements get signed in hours not days.

Certificate of

Manage your entire document workflow from start to finish.
Work more efficiently with BlueInk’s suite
of productivity features.


Gather all required stipulations (drivers license, paystubs, etc) at the
time of application. Approve leads faster before they can
shop the competition.

Track and Manage
in Real Time

Track your loan agreements and other documents in real time with
BlueInk’s intelligently designed dashboard.

That Talk

With BlueInk’s audio guided review, ensure that each contract is presented to your customer in a way that is 100% compliant with policies and procedures. Avoid misunderstanding and end contract disputes before they start.