SmartLink Forms

Embed a form on your website so that signers can initiate a signing process themselves. Great for applications, customer request forms, and any other document your customers or constituents need to easily access.

Embedded Forms or Reusable Links

SmartLink forms can be embedded directly on your website – for example for an online application. Alternatively, you can copy a direct link to a SmartLink Form and send that link to signers via email or SMS.

Convenient Access, Strong Identity Verification

Signers enter in their basic information in the SmartLink Form and then are emailed a unique link to start the signing process. Requiring an email provides initial identity verification. However, you can also require any of BlueInk’s other identity verification methods, like SMS pin, selfie or ID scan.

Build Efficient Workflows with SmartLink

When combined with other BlueInk features, SmartLink Forms can solve many of your document workflow challenges.

  • Capture uploads / attachments from signers – perfect for applications and other forms
  • Populate metadata on your signer records, and reuse that data to SmartFill documents.
  • Receive notifications via email when a SmartLink document is submitted, so your team can follow up.