Security & Protection

BlueInk implements strong security best practices to ensure your data is safe and available when you need it.

Data and Platform Security

The BlueInk service is hosted in a secure server infrastructure in an ISO 27001 certified data center. Data is encrypted at rest, and data access is governed by policies in accordance with US and international regulations. Your data and documents are protected in transit by TLS/SSL encryption.

Additional Protection

In addition to the strong security controls implemented in the BlueInk server infrastructure, the BlueInk platform is engineered to provide additional protection for you and your business.

Protection from Fraud and Impersonation

With BlueInk’s strong identity authentication features, you can rest assured that your signers are who they claim to be. You can configure the level authentication you require for any document – from simple email authentication to a selfie and a drivers license scan or more. A Certificate of Evidence is generated for every signing and captures a secure audit trail of all interactions with the document, including authentication events.

Protection from Mistakes

Never miss a signature again. BlueInk ensures that your documents are filled out according to your requirements, and provides your signer’s an easy-to-use, helpful signing experience where they are guided through document review and execution.

Protection from Contract Disputes

With the option of Audio Guided Document Review, BlueInk can help ensure that signers understand what they are signing. Make sure that disclosures and other important terms of your documents are conveyed how you want them to be. And capture evidence of review to document compliance with your policies and procedures.

Don’t sacrifice protection for convenience. With BlueInk, you get the convenience of eSignatures with the strong protections of the BlueInk document execution platform.