Digital Documents that Talk

BlueInk is the only platform that can guide your signers through a document with an audio narrative – in any languages you desire. Don’t just get your documents signed, help ensure that they are understood.

Guided Review

Your signers are guided through a document section-by-section, with a helpful audio narrative accompanying each section.


With support for Audio in whatever language you require, you will never turn away a customer again because of a language barrier.


Deliver disclosures and other important information in a consistent and compliant way. Make listening to the audio for a section mandatory or optional, and add More Information to a section if needed.


See where a signer is at in a document in real time. And BlueInk gathers evidence that a document was not just signed, but that it was reviewed, and captures it in the Certificate of Evidence.

Turn Key

We do all the work: just send us your document and we will have it summarized and dictated for you in any language you require. We use professional voice talent to ensure your document is presented exactly in the manner you desire.