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eSignatures with BlueInk

BlueInk offers eSignatures with unmatched protection without sacrificing convenience, for you or your signers.

eSignatures made easy.

We put the power of the signature in the palm of your hands with our unparalleled security while simplifying the entire process from start to finish for both you and your signers.

Real-Time Tracking

With BlueInk’s sophisticated dashboard, we take the guesswork out of your document status. No matter the number of documents you need to be signed, BlueInk keeps tabs on them all, so you know the status of every deal and project in real-time. Filter, search, and more for extra added convenience.

Supercharge your productivity.

With BlueInk, you can manage your entire document workflow from a single place. In addition, our productivity features supercharge your productivity from start to finish so you can accelerate your performance.

Superior authentication and verification custom-tailored for every deal.

BlueInk’s state-of-the-art two-factor authentication technology ensures that every signer is who they say they are. Custom-tailor the authentication and verification measure you want for every contract and signer. All verification is captured in our cryptographically secured audit trail of the signing process.

Signing made easy.

There’s nothing like being able to give your signers a quick nudge over SMS to close a deal. We understand how critical deals are to the growth of your business and to the lives of customers looking to start a new future with every signature. That’s why we’ve designed our SMS delivery feature to remove all barriers to getting the deal done.

Our SMS delivery feature allows you to send your documents via text so signers can sign right from their phones. And with our sophisticated, end-to-end encryption, your signers know that their data is protected at all times.

Smartfill Technology

Never again will you have to enter duplicate data. With our Smartfill Technology built right into your API, you’ll be able to streamline your data entry from start to finish. Intelligent merge fields auto-populate from signer data.