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Blueink Government & City Solutions

Improve Public Services & Citizen Experience

Learn how Blueink’s Government solutions can modernize your process and help your federal, state, and local government agency join over 1,300 other agencies currently using electronic signatures to process forms, applications, and manage correspondence.

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How it Works

Select your document and your signers
Deliver via email or SMS text
Sign your document online or right on your phone
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Trusted by thousands of customers and companies all over the world

Let Your Work Flow
With features such as bulk send, SMS, & Smart Links, Blueink can speed up any process. Saving 2 hours per document on average.
Streamlined & Secure
Standardizing regulation and compliance forms saves employees 1.5 hours per transaction, on average.
Accelerate service & delivery

Save Time & Resources

Secure Sign
Real-Time Analytics

Using Blueink’s simple to understand dashboard, you can keep track of the status of your documents. Sent, signed, completed document status notifications. Stay up-to-date in real-time.

Increase Productivity

Going digital not only allows you to maximize your staffs efficiency it also reduces wait times, eliminates lost files, and improves your citizens overall experience. Blueink allows you to focus on the business that matters.

Integrate with API

See how Blueink can integrate with your existing services or system. Let’s connect you with a Blueink API specialist and see how Blueink can integrate with your system to improve your processes.

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See how Blueink can help deliver a better experience
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How SMS Features Can
Help Acheive Full Transarency

Ultra Secure Selfie,
PIN, & ID Verification

We make it easy and secure to verify the identity of every signer with our ultra-secure authentication capabilities. Blueink can capture a selfie, driver’s license picture, SMS pin, and more. So you know they are who they say they are.

Ensure your signer is who
they say they are with ID verification
Secure your mobile signing process with
a encrypted pin sent directly to the signer
The most secure way to verify your signers
identity. Know with a certainty who signed.

The city of Mesa Arizona was able to utilize Blueink’s Bulk Send and Smart Link features to enable them to distribute vital covid-19 documents quickly

Bulk Send + Attachments
with Business Pro & Enterprise

Want additional attachments from your signer? Checkout our Blueink Business Pro plans for more features. Trying to reach hundreds or thousands of signers at once? Signup for a demo for our enteprise plans and unlock all of our enterprise features including smart links.