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eSignature Platforms in Education: Finding What Works and Why it Matters

by Rocco Freed | Mar 10, 2021 | Education

The Growth of eSignatures in Education

While eSignatures are not a new phenomenon, the rate at which their necessity has grown is something of a marvel. Our new normal, which consists of virtual everything-under-the-sun, has affected the education space more than almost any other industry in the nation. While eSignatures have always been convenient, in today’s world, they are a necessity.

Before the pandemic changed everything in such a short amount of time, important documents were signed in-house. Parents would simply come in and sign what needed signing. From 504 forms and IEP’s to parent slips and sign offs, signatures are a huge part of the healthy facilitation of education. 

Now that eSignatures are so integral to education, how can educators find an eSignature platform that’s secure, without breaking the bank? Let’s look at four things to consider when choosing a platform for your school:

1. Ease of Use

As the current state of the world becomes more complicated every minute, it is important to simplify where we can. Look for a solution that is using methods and platforms that are easy to implement, teach, and use. 

For example, a special education teacher has a lot of documents that need to be evaluated and signed. With these educators already stretched to their limit with virtual class lessons, in-class lessons, meetings, and more, it is important to find a platform that makes it easy for your teachers to move through the documents efficiently.

With the right eSignature platform, you will be able to create documents with drag and drop options as well as drop-down menus for easy answers. Additionally, a good platform will include an interactive dashboard that helps keep track of forms that have been completed and ones that still need to be delivered. Understanding and keeping on top of the status of documents is key to ensuring they are all signed, sealed, and delivered in a timely manner.

2. Training Opportunities

Nothing is more frustrating than implementing a new platform of any kind and being confused about how it works or how new updates affect the current program. To help alleviate this frustration, look for an eSignature platform that offers frequent training webinars for your staff. Not only does it serve your teachers well, but it also saves you from answering questions about a platform that is, frankly, just as new to you as it is to them. 

Additionally, a dedicated onboarding team that handles most of the transition and training can create a seamless experience for everyone involved. Moving from paper to digital doesn’t have to be complicated, as long as the right training opportunities are in place to help support you and your staff as you make the switch.

3. Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is important in any industry, but it is exceptionally so when dealing with a digital platform. The virtual space is already frustrating to many, and everyone is having to adapt – whether we like it or not. Make sure you transition to an eSignature platform that will actually let you talk to a human being when needed. It will help streamline the entire process as well as save your sanity.

4. Fair and Transparent Pricing

There are platforms currently on the market that will charge thousands of dollars annually for basic and limited services. These are not always the best solutions and are often overpriced. It’s become easy for the masses to employ the services of a solution that is the most popular or one that has been on the market for the longest amount of time. 

It is important to keep in mind that the digital disruption happening right now is carving out space for new platforms that are more inexpensive, easier to navigate and give you more bang for your buck. Be sure to shop around, and pay attention to the following red flags that are likely to cost more and yield little return on your investment:

  • Lack of transparency 

If the pricing isn’t available on the website, it’s going to cost you – a lot. 

  • Per feature pricing 

Increasing package pricing according to the number of users is a normal industry practice. But when a platform’s lowest-priced package offers very limited features that go below the basic threshold of what is needed, this means you will be paying a la carte for “extra” features that really aren’t extra. It would be like a pizza place

up charging to add the cheese. Instead, look for a solution that offers team plans for less, meaning all the features you need are included in one bundled price.

How We Can Help

Digital transformation doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated, nor does it need to take more time than you have. The right eSignature platform can help you transition in less than 48 hours, as well as simplify a task that used to be tedious and time consuming. If you are in the market for a platform that is secure, easy to use, and inexpensive, contact BlueInk for a free consultation, and let’s chat about your needs and how we can help.