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“AHI had a previous provider that lacked quality customer service, an account rep that changed every ninety days and cost that adjusted upward every year. Once we switched to BlueInk there was an immediate cost-savings of 45% year one and an impactful difference in customer service.”

Bryan Jenkins

Principal Broker, AHI Properties

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Don't Overpay for eSignatures

Customers that switch from Docusign to BlueInk cut their eSignature bill in half.

World-Class Customer Care

BlueInk is dedicated to providing you with the best customer experience ever. That’s why you will receive a dedicated customer care team that will assist in transitioning you to BlueInk and always be available to answer any questions in less than 10 minutes.

Ease of Use

The BlueInk platform is designed to be extremely user-friendly and simple to manage. You will have the power to prepare and send documents for eSignature within 60 seconds, create and manage templates quickly and track the progress of envelopes within seconds.

Best-in-class features for seamless workflows


World-Class Customer Care

Never get frustrated with customer service again. Talk to real humans in real time with BlueInk.

eSignature API

Integrate BlueInk into your other business systems, or build signatures into your App with BlueInk. 

esign anytime

Sign documents on any device – phone, tablet, laptop or desktop – without having to download an app.

Reusable Document Templates

Configure frequently sent documents once, and reuse them whenever needed with just a few clicks. 

Real-time dashboard

Track, manage and organize contracts, agreements and other forms with simplicity.

SMS Delivery

Get documents signed in minutes instead of hours by requesting eSignatures through text message. 

CC Recipients

Add additional email addresses that will be notified when a signing is complete with a copy of the completed documents.

Personalized Subject Line & Email Message

Customize and personalize the subject line and message of the email that is delivered to your signers.

Remove Signers from In-Progress Bundles

If a signer no longer is required to sign, you can remove them from the Bundle. If they were the last signer, the Bundle will become complete, and you can download the final legally binding documents.

Certificate of evidence

The Certificate of Evidence is a stand-alone, cryptographically secured document containing a detailed audit trail of signing events – from document creation to completion.

Audio-guided review

Don’t just get your documents signed, create a heightened level of understanding with an audio narrative - in any language you desire.

Strong Signer Authentication

Know who your signers are with virtually irrefutable proof of identity. For each Signer, BlueInk can capture a selfie, a drivers license picture, SMS pin, and more.

Signer attachments

Need a signer to upload a utility bill, proof of insurance, or some other document? BlueInk lets you capture attachments from your signers, whether they sign on their phone or a desktop.

Flexible workflows

Send documents to one signer or many. Have your signers sign in order or all at once. You can also configure custom email reminders, send in bulk, and much more.


Bulk send

Save time and send thousands of documents for eSignature at once.


SmartFill saves you time, eliminates duplicate data entry and streamlines your document workflow. Intelligent merge fields auto-populate from signer data.

Fill in a field once and that value automatically propagates to all the places it is needed – even across multiple documents.

Smartlink forms

Embed a form on your website so that signers can initiate a signing process themselves. Great for applications, customer request forms, and any other document your customers or constituents need to easily access. 

security & protection

BlueInk implements strong security best practices to ensure your data is safe and available when you need it.

eSign With Peace of Mind

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