At BlueInk, our mission is to help our clients embrace greater transparency, security and efficiency in their document review and eSignature processes.

We believe that all parties to an agreement have the right not just to sign quickly, but to truly understand what they are signing. Our software aspires to enable a more transparent and efficient way of doing business, and this drives our innovation, product development, and business plans.

Our Story

BlueInk was conceived on a sketch on a napkin. Co-Founders Faze Sharif and Zach Lovelady both believed that there must be a better way to electronically review and sign documents – one that did not encourage skipping right to the signature field and missing understanding, but that instead promoted trust and transparency between all parties to an agreement.

BlueInk was born from this concept (in 2014) and has since matured into a disruptive force in the eSignature industry.

Our Locations

BlueInk’s product development and innovation team is located in our Albuquerque NM office – near downtown Albuquerque and the Sawmill District. Interested in joining our Albuquerque team? We are always seeking qualified developers. Please check our Careers page for openings.

BlueInk’s sales, marketing and operations teams work out of our Scottsdale office.

BlueInk’s QA and IT support team is located in Chandigarh, India.