About BlueInk

We believe every party to an agreement should be protected from fraud; that protection should be in 360.

We built our software because somebody had to. Somebody had to create a comprehensive electronic signature solution that is secure, simple to launch, easy to use, provides transparency, credibility and irrefutable proof of understanding and execution of binding documents. Oh yeah ... and affordable.

BlueInk is a fearless game changer dedicated to providing our clients the greatest return on their investment and time. Through innovative software designed to streamline the contract signing process, our products ensure agreements are fully

understood and executed. Your customers get secure, convenient, comprehensive and consistent document review with execution that is fraud-proof. You save time and money with protection that is bulletproof.

BlueInk solutions are available for enterprise or small business with the same security, fraud protection, service and patent- pending technology.

BlueInk will change the way people do business.

Wherever there are binding documents to review and execute and the need for bulletproof ID verification, we’ll be there.

Imagine a product that provides transparency, enhances credibility and delivers an unequaled level of protection on every side of binding documents. Did we mention customer convenience, 100% compliance, operational efficiency, notary-level identity verification and a bulletproof audit trail? Our patent-pending software helps ensure a shared understanding of any document.

BlueInk will exceed your imagination.

Exponential Digital Trust Factor

It’s our Mission to eliminate fraud, contract disputes and miscommunication. We are committed to:


BlueInk provides protection against fraud on both sides of a contract, ensuring there is a shared understanding of an agreement and verifying the identity of all parties for irrefutable proof of the legitimacy of binding documents.


BlueInk creates greater operational efficiency through a streamlined guided review and identity verification process that is convenient for all parties.


BlueInk allows for a complete and shared understanding of binding documents.


BlueInk is the epitome of convenience for all parties, providing a secure online medium for the review and execution of binding documents on their own schedule.


BlueInk provides confidence in 360°. All parties have the confidence of knowing: (1) there is a shared understanding; (2) the identify of all parties is verified; (3) the documents and all data is secure; and (4) all parties have irrefutable proof of the understanding and execution of a document.


BlueInk enhances our customers’ credibility; using BlueInk’s irrefutable identity verification process ensures both companies and consumers are protected from fraud.

We believe every side of an agreement should be protected against fraud.