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Scottsdale, AZ
Software Development

How Blueink Increased
Their Meetings Booked By
100% in a Single Quarter

Scaled cold email
Increased open rates
by 97%
Increased meetings
booked by 100%
Maximized email


  • Unable to scale email outreach
  • Emails weren’t landing in prospect’s inboxes
  • Insufficient reporting
  • Personalized email outreach at scale
  • Maximum delivery of emails to inboxes
  • Ability to respond to email from a single place
  • Extensive reporting for data-driven outreach
  • Cadences
  • Multi-channel Inbox
  • Pipedrive Integration
  • Reports

About Blueink:

Blueink, founded in 2014, is an eSignature and Digital Document Management software that helps businesses track, manage, and complete day-to-day documents electronically. Check Blueink, top-rated eSignature software.


Rocco Freed, VP of Business Development at Blueink, wanted to scale cold outreach. Blueink’s outreach process involves reaching out to multiple prospects via email to get more demos and meetings booked.

Rocco had experimented with various email outreach platforms before, including Woodpecker, but quickly realized there were a few dealbreakers.

Blueink found that their emails weren’t landing in prospects’ inboxes. The time and effort they invested in their outreach went in vain as their messages weren’t even reaching their prospects. Hence, they struggled to establish one-on-one connections with prospects and move conversations forward.

So, Rocco was in search of a platform that would:

  • Automate personalized outreach at scale
  • Ensure the emails reach prospects’ inboxes
  • Provide detailed and accurate reports to track performance


That was when Rocco found Klenty.

“We found that the functionality and features
that Klenty offers surpass all other tools.”
Rocco Freed
VP of Business Development at Blueink

Klenty helped Blueink propel its outreach by standardizing the process of:

  • Directing lists to the right sequences automatically
  • Running personalized outreach using multiple email steps
  • Delivering emails to prospects’ inboxes

Here’s how Blueink scaled their meetings booked by 100% in a single quarter.

Route Prospects to the Right Sequences

Blueink’s outreach involved breaking up a large number of prospects into smaller lists and reaching out to each list with a personalized set of emails.

Klenty’s seamless CSV import functionality enabled Blueink to group prospects into pre-existing or new lists and add them to sequences directly.

Using A/B testing, they could also determine what subject lines or email templates work and what don’t.

Route Prospects to the Right Sequences

“The platform is very intuitive. We’ve been able
to learn how to use it on our own pretty easily.”

Blueink was able to set up sequences in Klenty with ease. Klenty offered no limit to the number of steps within a sequence, so Blueink could execute their outreach with no restrictions.

Klenty also helped Blueink personalize their outreach with prospect information, such as name, designation, and company to make their emails more personal and resonate with prospects.

Blueink could customize their emails to be sent during their prospect’s active hours using Delivery Windows, increasing visibility and chances of getting a reply.

Respond to Emails from the Same Place

”The central inbox for all emails — that’s a
huge feature. We don’t have to go into each
email address to go through emails.”

Blueink was impressed with Klenty’s Multi-channel Inbox, which offers a collated view of all conversations in a simple place.

With Multi-channel Inbox, Blueink was able to reply to prospects who interacted with their emails promptly. This meant that reps caught prospects right when they were active, ensuring high response rates, and in turn, increasing the number of meetings booked.

Deliver Emails to Prospects’ Inboxes

Klenty’s extensive deliverability features ensured that all of Blueink’s emails reached their prospect’s inboxes, and not the spam folder or promotions tab.

Klenty sent all emails at random times to mimic human behavior. BlueInk could set up their own custom link domains to track their emails, ensuring they didn’t fall under the radar of spam filters.

Track Performance to Optimize Outreach

” The analytics part of Klenty really makes it
easier for us to see who we should go after
and who we shouldn’t.”

With Klenty’s extensive reports, Blueink was able to see exactly who engaged with their outreach and was likely to book a meeting with them. Using this information, they could prioritize prospects who needed their attention the most.

Klenty provided template-level, cadence-level, team-level, and step-level reporting, which enabled Blueink to know the following:

  • Prospects engaged at each step
  • Which sequences were effective and ineffective
  • Reps that were on track and lagging

In addition, Klenty enabled BlueInk to clone sequences and replicate winning strategies across the entire team.

Provide Dedicated Support and Assistance

” Your support team is phenomenal. It’s very easy to
get in touch with them, even via emails and they
always respond in a timely manner.”
Klenty delegated a dedicated Customer Success Manager to assist Blueink with seamless product onboarding. The support team was available 24/5 to help Rocco and the team with any queries or doubts.


“We’re seeing 40% growth in demos quarter over
quarter. Q2 to Q3 was almost 100% growth. We saw a
400% increase as compared to other tools we’ve used
before. And 97% of our lists open our emails.”

Blueink scaled their meetings booked by:

  • Automating personalized outreach at scale
  • Making sure emails landed in inboxes
  • Focusing on prospects who were interested