Education Case Study

Shaler Area School District

Industry: Education

Department: Technology

Location: Glenshaw, PA

Interviewee: Mitchel Stivason, Coordinator of Technology

Due to COVID restrictions, the Shaler Area School Districted needed to put an e-signature solution in place in very little time.  BlueInk was able to meet all of the requirements of our student services department at a consistent yearly cost.  Their professional development and back end management made it easy to roll out this service to 70+ staff members and be up and running within couple weeks of purchase.

Mitchel Stivason

Coordinator of Technology

Hours to Complete Documents with Blueink


Cost Savings Compared to Docusign


Reduction in Human Error

Shaler’s need: an inexpensive digital experience— with a no-nonsense backend that teachers can learn right away

The last month of every school year is hectic for Shaler School district’s IT department. There are many IEP documents that teachers need updates on to ensure completion from parents. Plus, modern times require legal options for digital agreements.

Shaler’s IT department was losing too much time tracking paperwork via traditional mail and fax. So, they evaluated DocuSign as a potential eSignature cloud solution. Unfortunately, the department found out that DocuSign bases its pricing model on how many documents need signing, which did not fit their need.

After the school district discovered BlueInk, they scheduled a demo to see if they’d found the paperless solution and pricing model that would work for them.

We needed a new way to stay updated on the status of IEP document completion. We needed a legal way to get things signed remotely. And we needed software that teachers could learn to use right away.

Mitchel Stivason

It came down to DocuSign and BlueInk. We chose BlueInk because the ongoing support provided perfect product guidance that revealed the ease of implementation and use. Account creation was speedy, and the cost of BlueInk is proof that they want to provide equitable access to digital agreement solutions for school districts everywhere.

Mitchel Stivason

We’re happy to work with your team and your budget

BlueInk’s customer success team provided expert, friendly training so that the IT department would know how to implement their new eSignature suite without delay.

In addition, BlueInk set up their accounts on the spot, and they wouldn’t charge Shaler per document. Instead, they gave the district one flat, economical rate for all their needs.

Get everything done in a day, while keeping track every step of the way

Shaler’s IT department can now see who’s received their paperwork and eSigned in real-time. Using their old IEP process, they’d have to wait an entire week to get documents completed.

Now, they can get everything done in a day. In addition, the straightforward BlueInk dashboard allows teachers to focus on teaching rather than administrative mix-ups.

Shaler School district is now future-ready, cutting time and frustration out of the eSignature equation.

One of the biggest benefits of doing this electronically is you can see in real-time who needs an e-copy of the paperwork and who needs to sign it. Parent signatures are hard to get. It’s now much easier to manage and keep the IEP status known across departments. We would have to send the IEPs through fax or through the mail, and it’d take up to a week. Now we can get these documents completed within a day.

Mitchel Stivason

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