Education Case Study

Englewood School District

Industry: Education

Department: Special Education

Location: Englewood, Colorado

Interviewee: Callan Ware, Executive Director of Special Services

“Everyone that uses BlueInk has thanked me for getting it and has been so appreciative of how easy it is to use and how amazing the support team has been.”

Callan Ware

Executive Director of Special Services

Englewood, CO Special Education Department Takes IEPs Virtual While Saving Money

Hours to Complete IEPs with Blueink


Cost Savings Compared to Docusign


Reduction in Human Error

No More in-Person IEP Meetings: A Need to Go Virtual Now

Fortunately, the Special Education department already had most of the technology they needed for electronic IEP completion. Still, they were missing the final piece— A quick and easy way to collect eSignatures on paperwork from busy parents anywhere, anytime.

The district looked into both Adobe and DocuSign before their IT staff introduced them to BlueInk.

We looked at Adobe and DocuSign before finding BlueInk. Both made the signers sign the documents in succession, which was not feasible for our purposes. They also were five to six times more expensive than BlueInk.

Callan Ware

Parents would often sign on the wrong line, which caused issues with compliance. BlueInk makes it clear where everyone is supposed to sign.

Callan Ware

Virtual Forms from BlueInk: Easy to use, easy to send, any way you need to

Englewood noticed an issue with how Adobe and DocuSign required signatures: those signing the document had to do so in a particular order, which was not feasible for the department’s workflow.
They discovered that BlueInk’s flexibility allows for multiple people to sign at various times. Plus, the platform sends finished documents to all parties upon completion. Instantly.

The Special Education department learned that parents could receive documents via text and sign directly from their mobile devices. It’s the most convenient feature for a new normal, and BlueInk’s Suite allowed Englewood to adapt right away.

To top it all off, they provided the school district with Big Savings over competitors—

The bottom line: BlueInk gave Englewood peace of mind that they could afford to be virtual as long as they needed to.


eSigned right, the first time. Saving time comes at a very, very low cost

The school district no longer has to worry about misplaced signatures or delayed procurement of IEP forms.

BlueInk’s features show parents and teachers that Englewood respects their time. And their pricing shows school districts that paperless technology is within reach for Special Education departments everywhere.

We would often have to chase people down to obtain signatures. Parents would attend meetings by phone and handle signatures after meetings. The teacher would then have to download, scan, and then upload the documents. BlueInk and their team have made this entire process easier and more efficient.

Callan Ware

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