The Most Advanced Audio-Guided Document Review & eSignature System Ever

Where bulletproof fraud protection, cutting-edge technology and security meet to change the way people do business.


Give your clients the experience of an audio-guided document review process that is designed for their convenience, on the device of their choice and in their preferred language.  The notary-level identity verification of a BlueInk eSignature protects them just as much as it protects you. When they’re done, the system issues a Certificate of Evidence with irrefutable proof that everyone is on the same page.

Innovate Your Process

  • Patent-pending Technology
  • Paperless
  • Better User Experience
  • Simple to Launch; works with existing documents
  • Easy to Use; compatible with computers, tablets and smart phones
  • Delivers information consistently in any language
  • Compliant with your Policies & Procedures
  • Encrypted video record of review and signing process
  • Secure cloud-based storage

Unmatched Protection and Transparency

Create transparency and credibility; let your clients know you’re looking out for them. When everyone is protected, everyone wins. Providing an audio-guided review system ensures signers understand what they’re signing. Requiring a signature in BlueInk proves to clients, partners, employees or vendors that you’re committed to their protection as much as your own.