An electronic signature that is fraud proof, bulletproof and provides irrefutable proof. Really. It’s fool proof.

We believe every party to an agreement should be protected from fraud. Don’t you?

Companies that require a BlueInk eSignature are protecting their customers – that’s real transparency with unmatched credibility.

We built BlueInk360 because somebody had to.

In the day of the pen and paper, companies and their attorneys required all binding documents be signed in blue ink to indicate the signature was authentic and original. Today you can accomplish the same thing electronically ... with BlueInk.

Somebody had to do it. We’re glad it was us.

Fraud Proof eSignature
…Unequaled identity verification.

  • Audit Trail
  • Created Date
  • Signed Date
  • Signer’s IP Address
  • GPS Location Verification
  • Selfie Capture
  • Driver's License Capture
  • Digital Recording of Signing Process
  • Multiple-device Verification
  • Encrypted, bar coded and secure

BlueInk: where bulletproof fraud protection meets cutting-edge technology and security.

Your clients will appreciate that you’re looking out for them in the same way you look out for your company. Requiring a signature with BlueInk shows your clients, partners, vendors or employees that you’re just as committed to protecting them against fraud.