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Blueink in Education: Streamlining Your Digital Document Signing Workflow

By BlueInk | 4-7-2023 | Education

With technology becoming an integral part of education, an increasing number of schools and universities are adopting digital solutions to enhance their processes and boost efficiency. Document management is one area where this shift is evident, with electronic signatures gaining popularity for signing crucial educational documents. Blueink, a leading e-signature solution, assists educational institutions in transforming their document signing processes. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of using Blueink in education and guide you on adopting e-signatures.

Advantages of Employing Blueink in Education

Utilizing Blueink for education offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • Greater Efficiency: Blueink enables schools and universities to effortlessly create, send, and sign documents online, eliminating the need for printing, mailing, and scanning paperwork, ultimately saving time and resources.
  • Superior Security: Blueink ensures a secure environment for document signing, safeguarding sensitive information. This is crucial for educational documents containing confidential student or staff data.
  • Increased Accountability: Blueink allows educational institutions to track document progress and monitor signatories. This helps guarantee timely document signing and offers a record of when and by whom the document was signed.
  • Customizable Templates: Blueink offers tailored templates for various educational documents, including enrollment forms, consent forms, and contracts. These templates can be personalized to incorporate school branding and logos, ensuring consistency and professionalism.
  • Smart Link Forms: Blueink’s Smart Link Forms feature enables schools and universities to transform any document into a clickable URL that students or staff can access independently. This is particularly helpful for forms like enrollment or consent forms that students or staff may need to complete and submit.

Implementing Blueink eSignatures for Education

To get started with Blueink for education, follow these simple steps:

  • Register for Blueink: Visit the Blueink website and register for an account. Various plans are available, including a free plan offering up to 5 documents per month.
  • Personalize Templates: Once registered, customize templates for your educational documents, incorporating school branding and logos to maintain consistency and professionalism.
  • Upload Documents: Upload your educational documents to Blueink, including enrollment forms, consent forms, contracts, and more.
  • Dispatch Documents for Signature: After uploading your documents, send them to students or staff for signing. Choose to send via email or provide a Smart Link Form that recipients can access independently.
  • Track Progress: Monitor your documents’ progress and ensure timely signing. Blueink offers a real-time dashboard, enabling you to track document progress and view signatories.


Blueink is an ideal solution for educational institutions aiming to digitize their document signing process. Features such as customizable templates, enhanced security, and increased accountability help schools and universities save time and resources while improving their document management efficiency. To begin using Blueink for education, register for an account today and streamline your document signing workflow. Plus, keep in mind that Blueink costs only half as much as DocuSign.