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AHI Properties


AHI Properties

Industry: Property Management

Company Size: 100+ employees

Cost Savings Switching to BlueInk from Competitor: 45%

AHI Properties is one of the largest property management companies in the Southeast with over 100 employees. They have become the premier solution for anyone seeking quality short-term and long-term rental homes, looking to purchase real estate, or needing their properties professionally managed. AHI Properties has been focused on improving the experience that their customers, vendors, and employees have daily by integrating innovative technologies into their processes, becoming one of the most efficient property management firms in the country.

“AHI had a previous provider that lacked quality customer service, an account rep that changed every ninety days and cost that adjusted upward every year. Once we switched to BlueInk there was an immediate cost-savings of 45% year one and an impactful difference in customer service.”

Bryan Jenkins
Principal Broker, AHI Properties
The Problem
AHI Properties had previously used an eSignature provider that did not adequately meet their needs. They were frequently frustrated by a lack of efficient customer service and an account representative that changed every ninety days. In addition, their costs increased substantially every year. This prohibited AHI from being able to integrate eSignatures into more of their document workflows, slowing their transition towards being a paperless operation.
The Solution
With BlueInk, AHI Properties was able to save 45% in the first year, benefitted from a dedicated support team that assisted with all aspects of the transition to paperless document processes. The savings and support allowed AHI to integrate eSignatures into more of their document workflows. Furthermore, AHI increased efficiency and reduced document errors by utilizing some of BlueInk’s unique features.

Effective Solutions for AHI Properties

Attachment Fields

Problem: Collecting supporting documentation from new applicants was creating delays in approving applications and securing a lease for a client home. Applications required proof of income and other supporting documentation, which often was emailed or faxed after an application was received and slows down the process. This would cost owners of rental homes valuable opportunities to secure a lease in a timely manner and reduce the loss of rental income.

Solution: Using attachment fields allowed the request of supporting documents at the time an applicant went to complete forms, creating the opportunity to review and approve/deny an application within minutes.


Problem: Delays were created when securing client signatures on new agreements, renewal forms, and other documents required for signature. Many property owners live out of state or do not have the time to physically visit an office to complete the necessary paperwork for the management of the property. This use to cause delays in securing the new client contract, gaining approval for necessary property action, or tax documentation updates.

Solution: Through BlueInk and features like SmartLinks, owners are able to immediately complete all required documentation, allowing the management company to quickly take care of all aspects of managing the rental home, including leasing, necessary maintenance repair, and end of year tax reporting.

Audio-Guided Review

Problem: Tenants were required to visit the office to sign electronically, which can be difficult with work schedules and the current needs of social distancing. This would create delays with move-in timing and also cause misrepresentations or misunderstandings by the tenant with the expectations of the lease.

Solution: By delivering lease documents electronically with BlueInk, leases are secured immediately and tenants are provided with the opportunity to complete the lease at their own pace and convenience. Furthermore, the audio-guided review can help eliminate any misunderstandings by recreating the “in-person” signing experience through digital delivery.

The Results


After evaluating BlueInk and their cost-effective pricing, AHI Properties was able to deploy customized workflows globally, creating a unified adoption of eSignatures and a paperless process.


BlueInk assigned a dedicated customer care team to AHI Properties and had them transitioned and trained on the BlueInk platform within 3 days. AHI Properties now has support request that is attended to within 5 minutes.


By having the ability to deploy eSignature workflows across multiple areas of business, AHI Properties has substantially increased efficiency and convenience for tenants and owners while reducing operational expenses.